10 Skills You Can Learn From Home

10 Skills You Can Learn From Home

10 New Skills to Learn From Home

Written by Rebekah K.

Are you interested in learning something new from your home? If so, you are in the right spot. The following suggestions can not only be done from your home, but some are specifically geared towards the military community because you already have access to the resources. So settle in, and find out what piques your interest with these following ideas.


  1. Basic Car Repair
    Do you know how to check fluid levels, do an oil change, or change a tire? These all require some knowledge and a few tools, but can easily be learned from home. If you don’t have the tools, or want to learn more about car repair and maintenance, visit Fort Lee's Auto Crafts when they reopen and they’d be happy to help you fine-tune your new skill.
  2. Painting or Drawing
    Have you always wanted to try your hand at something a little more artistic? Grab whatever you have available at home and watch some how-to videos to start developing your talent. You’ll also want to keep an eye on the Fort Lee Family and MWR Facebook page because there is a rumor Picture Perfect Frame Shop is working on a video tutorial or two to help us out. I’m sure they are eager to reschedule all the fun classes they have planned for the community.
  3. Yoga or Zumba
    Are you like me and get a teensy bit insecure when trying something new for the first time, especially if there’s an audience present? What if I fall? Been there. What if I’m just completely uncoordinated? Done that. If it’s a goal of yours to focus on your health and fitness, working out with a trained instructor is one sure-fire way of achieving that goal. Follow @fortleefitness on Instagram or check out their new YouTube channel for Yoga and Zumba classes right in your home, and then once classes resume, check them out in person. For the Fort Lee Fitness YouTube channel, please visit https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsNcbqYJr2FlikEPqIoUJZw.
  4. Learn a New Language
    Sure, we’ve all seen this one. But did you know that you access to Mango which has over 70 foreign languages to choose from? And it’s completely FREE? It’s part of the extensive online resource lineup with Army MWR Libraries. If you need help getting your online access established, send an email to usarmy.mwr.library@mail.mil. To access Mango, and other e-resources, visit http://mwrlibrary.armybiznet.com/screens/resources.html
  5. Stock Market
    While we are talking about the electronic resources available through the library, here’s another good one: Morningstar. It can be a significant learning tool for you to become more savvy about the stock market and investing. To access Moringstar, and other e-resources, visit http://mwrlibrary.armybiznet.com/screens/resources.html
  6. Brain-training
    One final plug for the library, because I can’t help but get excited about what it has to offer. Trust me when I say I’m just scratching the surface with these three. If you’re wanting to keep your noggin in tippy top shape, check out BrainHQ. It has over 25 exercises to keep you as sharp as ever. To access BrainHQ, and other e-resources, visit http://mwrlibrary.armybiznet.com/screens/resources.html
  7. Photography
    Grab your smartphone and start perfecting your photography talent. Whether you enjoy nature, people, or whatever else strikes your fancy, this is one skill that is bound to come in handy time and again. Visit the following link to read the article, which includes a comprehensive guide on taking quality pictures: https://photographyconcentrate.com/introduction-to-smartphone-photography/
  8. Gardening
    Are you wanting to spruce up your yard or grow some of your own veggies but have gardening skills that have killed fake plants? With Spring in the air, there is no time like the present to enhance your gardening abilities. Read up on gardening tips and information and then try planting seeds from your fruits or vegetables, putting your green onions in a cup of water, or if you’re comfortable with the idea, see if there is a business that offers online ordering with curbside pickup.
  9. Cooking
    Do you know what to do with a papaya? Rutabaga? Leek? Or even how to crack open a coconut? On your next grocery shopping trip, pick up something cheap that you would like to try cooking. You may not like it, the kids may scream, and your spouse may look like you are trying to poison them, but there is a 100% possibility of not knowing unless you give it a try.
  10. Heimlich and CPR
    If you don’t know how to perform the Heimlich or CPR, now is the time to get educated. Find a reputable website for your information, and then soak in as much knowledge as you can. If you’re lucky, your spouse won’t mind playing the dummy for you to practice on.


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About the Author

Rebekah has been a military spouse for over 8 years, since meeting her husband online while he was stationed at Fort Polk and she was teaching English in South Korea. Since then, they have moved quite a bit and even added to their family with two adorable kitties name Tadpole and Gizmo. She loves to hike, watch LSU and Saints football, and to eat Mexican food.