Military Family Life Counseling

Military Family Life Counseling

Army Community Service - Mahone Avenue Bldg. 9023 Fort Lee 23801 Google Map

Due to the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic, Army Community Services is offering free counseling services to the Fort Lee Military community through Military Family Life Counselors.  Services include telephonic and video non-medical counseling in areas where face-to-face support is restricted due to COVID-19.  The following support options are available:


  • Telephonic and video non-medical counseling

Children and Youth

  • Individual video non-medical counseling sessions for minors age 13 to 17 (parent or guardian must be available at the start of each video session to give parental consent and provide line of sight requirements)
  • Family video non-medical counseling for minors 6 to 12 years of age (parent or guardian must attend each session)

If you are seeking support, please call or email one of the Counselors listed below:

Jacqueline H., +1(804)503-7668,

Pamela B., +1(804)504-8490,

Melanie J., +1(804)433-8247,