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Let us show you how to reach America's finest.

Fort Lee’s Directorate Family, Morale, Welfare and Recreation (Family and MWR) is a center for Army Family and MWR excellence.  Family and MWR exists to enhance the quality of life, enrich living and working environments, and foster a sense of community for Soldiers, Family members, Retirees and Civilians.  We give back to our Soldiers a quality of life that they have pledged to defend for us all.

As an integral part of military life, Family and MWR provides Soldiers and their Families with many fitness, entertainment and family support outlets. Many of the events, programs and services offered at Fort Lee would not be possible without the contributions from local, regional, national and international companies and organizations, community businesses and patriotic citizens that we receive yearly.

As one of the installation organizations in the Department of Defense, the Fort Lee Family and MWR program is a values-based organization, which focuses on training while providing high quality service to a growing and increasingly diverse population of Soldiers, Families, Retiress and Civilians.

Since World War I, Family and MWR has continuously strived to improve the quality of life of an increasingly diverse military community.  Your contributions help make that possible and we thank you.

The Marketing, Sponsorship and Advertising team can immerse your brand within the Fort Lee market and help you secure a measurable return on investment. 


About Sponsorship & Advertising

Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation (Family and MWR) enhances the quality of life, supports readiness and promotes the well-being of Soldiers, Families, Retirees and Civilians who have made personal sacrifices to protect our country and preserve our freedom. Family and MWR contributes to the Army’s strength and readiness by providing first-choice support services and programs that reduce stress, build skills and self-confidence while fostering a strong esprit de corps. We are proof of the Army’s commitment to care for the people who serve and stand ready to defend the nation.

The Commercial Sponsorship and Advertising Program provides you the opportunity to stand with our troops by partnering with Family and MWR. Our partnership can be customized with numerous interactive and creative opportunities to reach your promotional goals and cross-market your business with Army community activities and lifestyles.

Sponsorship is a great method to launch new products and establish brand preference among the military community. Through partnership we provide you direct access to the military market and brand exposure to maximize your investment. Sponsorship may be in the form of cash, products, services, or combination of all three. Sponsorship is NOT a charitable donation.