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Virtual Summer Reading Program

This year’s Summer Reading Program is going to be a little different - but don’t panic! It’s still going to be a lot of fun. Plus, there’s still going to be prizes! 
Because we want to ensure that everyone remains safe this year while they continue to read, we’re moving the Summer Reading Program online. Unfortunately, this means that we won’t be able to host some of the fun events to which you may have grown accustomed to here at Fort Lee, but you will still be able to earn badges - and PRIZES! - for all the reading you do.
This year’s theme is “Dig Deeper: Read, Investigate and Discover.” That means that our fun can be done inside or out. How are you going to do that? By reading!
Read online books about inventions. Invent a new dance, write a story, think outside the block, and build something you like but you have not seen before. (Can you imagine a new toy or a new ride at a theme park?) 
Explore things you have not experienced or places that you have never seen. Read online books about space, growing vegetables, rare animals, cooking, photography, opening up your own business, or find out about a place you would like to visit - anyplace that your interests take you.  So many things and places to explore!
Dig into Facts. Read books or online books or do research on how things really work like how does an engine work, how does an airplane fly, how is a tall building built or how does the earth turn.  So much to know.
Reading Is Learning. Learning Is Knowledge. Knowledge Is Power.
See how much you can read this summer.  We will still have the Awards given for the top readers.  Winners will be notified about prizes.
How Virtual Summer Reading Works:

Those who finish the program may be eligible for more prizes!




Registration Information

Register and log hours online at

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