Battle Drive Pool

Located behind The Lee Club on Battle Drive 

Now open year-round on Saturday, Sunday, Holidays, and Training Holidays.

Bldg. 9009
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Handicap Accessible

+1 (804)765-3053 +1 (804)734-6198

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Daily Entry Fee
$4 for Active Duty, Retiree & Family Member
$6 for DoD Civilian
Age 3 and under - free

Individual Monthly Passes 
$12 for Active Duty, Retiree & Family Member
$18 for DoD Civilian

Family Monthly Passes 
$30 for Active Duty, Retiree & Family Member
$45 for DoD Civilian). 

  • All Active Duty, Retired Military, DoD/DA civilians, their family members and their guests are eligible to use this facility. *Must show military or DoD/DA valid ID card.
  • Children under 12 years of age cannot enter the pool unless accompanied by an adult (18 years or older). Children 12 years and older must have a valid military ID card.
  • Active Duty and Retired Military personnel can bring up to FOUR (4) guests. DoD/DA civilians can bring two (2) guests. Personnel signing up guests must be 18 years old and must stay at the pool with their guests.
  • *Guest Rule: If the individual who brings a guest leaves the premises, he/she has fifteen minutes (15) to return to the pool; otherwise, the guest(s) will be asked to leave the pool.
Battle Drive Pool Rules

General Rules:

  1. Diving will be permitted only from diving boards/areas. Divers will dive from the end and straight forward, not to the side. Swimmers must return to the side of the pool, not swim toward the diving area or board. Diving is permitted only in designated areas of outdoor pool.

  2. Only one person is allowed on diving boards at any time. Only one bounce on the board is permitted.

  3. No horseplay, no hanging on the shoulders of another swimmer, no pushing, no running.

  4. Profanity or indecent behavior will not be tolerated.

  5. All swimmers must shower prior to entering the pool.

  6. Food and drinks may be taken to the area designated at the outdoor pool deck. No glass containers of any sort will be allowed in the pool.

  7. Smoking is not permitted inside the facility. Smoking is allowed in the gazebo located outside the pool area.

  8. Bermuda shorts, cutoffs, gym shorts and see through bathing suits are not to be worn as bathing attire.

  9. Do not hang on separation rope.

  10. The pool staff is not responsible for patrons’ valuables left unattended.

  11. Non-swimmers will not enter the deep end of the pool under any circumstances.

  12. Chairs and tables are not to be moved without permission of lifeguard.

  13. Persons having any skin disease, sore, inflamed eyes, cold, nasal or ear discharge, wearing a bandage or having a communicable disease, shall be refused use of the pool.

  14. No pets allowed in the vicinity of the pool area.

  15. Be considerate of other swimmers using the pool.

  16. Equipment such as inner tubes, floats, ski or life belts, water wings, or any equipment, which may be hazardous to bathers, is not allowed in the swimming area. Only U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jackets and flotation devices are allowed, No inflatable swimming aids/floats are allowed.

  17. All swimmers will pay respect to the flag of The United States of America during the retreat ceremony at 5 p.m.

  18. No child under 12 years of age will be allowed in the pool unless accompanied by an adult (18 years or older) at all times. If the child is 12 years old, he/she must be able to pass a swim proficiency test in order to swim in the deep end. If the child can’t swim, he/she must stay in the shallow end. The lifeguards will perform the test to prove the child’s swim abilities.  

Standard Operating Procedures, Battle Drive Pool

  • Alcohol is not allowed on the premises. No glass containers are allowed for any other kind of beverage.
  • No diving is allowed in the shallow end.
  • Small children must wear training /plastic pants or infant swim pampers. Regular “pampers” are not authorized.
  • All swimmers will comply with the instructions of the lifeguards on duty diligently and without question. Failure to comply with instructions may result in loss of privilege to use the swimming pool. Offenders will be escorted to the DMWR Sports & Recreation Director by Military Police.

*Refunds will only be given in case of an electrical storm in which the patron’s visit was under 20 minutes duration.

Admission Policy: No one will be admitted unless they posses a valid ID card and pay the daily fee or show monthly or seasonal payment card. Children 3 years old and under have free admission.